Let me take you on a journey through time, back to the year 1992, when I acquired an iconic reverb that marked my musical journey.


Discover My Old Friend in action in the video below.


The Story Behind My Old Friend :

With a hint of nostalgia, I share with you the story behind this unique IR pack. The equipment used to create these impulse responses dates back to 1991, the year when this iconic reverb found its place in my studio. It has accompanied me throughout my career, and even though I use it less and less, it is in homage to this faithful companion that the My Old Friend pack comes to life.


Pack Features :

  • Authentic Sound : The captured impulse responses offer a distinctive sonic authenticity, inspired by the iconic sounds of the time.
  • Variety of Environments : With 40 carefully selected IRs, My Old Friend offers a variety of presets to suit any occasion.
  • Free for You : I am delighted to offer you this pack for free, so you can experiment and add a vintage touch to your own musical work.


How to get My Old Friend :

To download My Old Friend for free, simply fill out this form.